• Includes every single component from Bootstrap
  • Front-end and back-end compatible
  • More than 30 custom components
  • Includes a fully fleshed style-guide with copyable examples
  • Modular and scalable LESS/CSS
  • Complete color palette with primary, secondary, tertiary, and shades swatches
  • Switch border-radius, gradients, shadows, etc. via LESS variables
  • Create new pages and/or components based on 100% re-usable styles
  • More pages coming soon
  • Send suggestions to @Graphikaria

Real Admin

REAL ADMIN goes way beyond admin templates thanks to it;s transparent code and file structuring.

This bootstrap admin theme contains of 15 unique pages, is styled with LESS, and contains more than 1000 top notch icons.

This dashboard theme is a true UX game changer. Super well structured HTML5, javascript, and CSS makes this  app so light, yet it still offers superior user experience. This includes mobile devices, where the navigation is still clean and intuitive. The custom Real Layout API lets developers easily customize your project for almost any device – be it Mobile, Web or Tablet – Real Admin Bootstrap Admin Template has got it covered!

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