Mamba is a free Bootstrap 3 template showcasing a fine, flat, parallax page. Great starting point for single page sites. It would be great to be used for an agency site, or portfolio site.

Thanks for this Bootstraptaste!

Stylish Portfolio

 Recommended uses when designing this template

  • Can be used as a parallax website or as a landing page
  • Has an iframe map. you can redesign the map with the Google Maps API or use an embed link.
  • You have the ability to use Font Awesome icon fonts.
  • Good quality images are recommended for the full page background images
  • You can do a lot with Stylish Portfolio by adding unique fonts and colors
  • Changing the height of the line on the paragraph text will help users be able to read your content better.
  • By adding numerous full width sections to this template the ability for it to stand out and be unique is amazing.


Pratt is a great, simple,  and stylish theme built with Bootstrap 3.0. It is one of many great bootstrap themes that Black Tie has been pumping out. Check it out!

Its straightforward to modify and could easily be leveraged as a coming soon, or beta sign-up page.