My Tiny Shop

Ideal theme for a small online shop, you can use it to sell t-shirt, books, photos, or brains for zombie if you want, simple & clean code, easy to update, you will find all client side interaction that you need in JavaScript & Ajax.


  • Compatible with Bootstrap 2.0.x
  • Uses Bootstrap 2.0.0
  • Written in valid HTML5 that makes good use of proper semantics
  • Theme modifications are stored in a separate CSS stylesheet to make upgrading easy
  • JavaScript functions are stored in one file to make upgrading easy
  • View the layout without styles to see the well-formed, bare markup
  • Includes jQuery 1.7.1

Browser Support of My Tiny Shop

  • Firefox 4+
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Safari
  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Opera 11
  • Notify of any others…

Resources used in this bootstrap template

  • Images are supplied for example
  • Ajax & JSON example supplied


  • Arial (standard font)
  • “HoneyScript-SemiBold” (free font, included)


  • Items details shown in modal generated via Ajax
  • Adding items to cart
  • Managing cart (add / delete items)
  • Calculating total price
  • Smooth scrolling to top
  • pagination
  • Sort by category

Boostrap plugins included

  • Modal
  • Alert

jQuery plugins included

  • Masonry