The theme has been approved by the WP Theme Review Team and will soon be available for download at the WordPress Theme Repository.

FirmaSite Theme Enhancer:

Theme Features:

  • Its GPL and free :)
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap  and all wordpress, buddypress and bbpress files using only bootstrap css. That means you can use custom bootstrap styles and all of your site will use same theme style. There is already 13 custom bootstrap theme is included in theme from Bootswatch. In future, i will explain how you can add custom bootstrap styles
  • Using Bootstrap Responsive so all your site will be mobile ready. BuddyPress and bbPRess too!
  • Using Theme Customization API for theme options. It means you can see changes on live edit and you can easily extend options with wordpress functions directly. A video on action:  (Its a bit old version of theme but a good example for main theme options)
  • Google Fonts! lots of! You can choose google fonts from theme options ( watch example video from above)
  • 4 different layout:
  1. Content – Sidebar
  2. Sidebar – Content
  3. Only Content (Long)
  4. Only Content (Short)