Providing all of the features and functionality of many premium themes, Devoops is an ideal bootstrap 3 theme to jumpstart your next web application. This theme is built in Bootstrap 3 and is available under GPL licensing.


This free bootstrap admin theme comes with the following features:

  • Dashboad Layout
  • xCharts
  • Flot Charts
  • Google Charts
  • Morris Charts
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Multilevel Menu
  • Table Structures
  • Widget Elements
  • Alejandro

    Thank you guys, this is just awesome!!

    • mruocco

      Out Pleasure! If you build any awesome bootstrap sites let us know and we will add it to our showcase!

      • Brian

        I’m a newbie with bootstrap. Are they any instructions on how to incorporate the devoops into an mvc app? Thanks

        • Lance

          This is nice template. I just add it to my asp mvc 4 app.

          • mruocco

            Thats great to hear. If you have a bootstrap-built site or app, would you like us to add it to the showcase?

      • arezoo

        thank you :) it’s the best . i customize that and use. tanks again.

  • Wilson de Oliveira

    Very good, quick, small and full, amazing!

  • Noobie

    I cannot extract the zip file. Please fix it.

    • mruocco

      Well, that was a bit of a dev oops. :P . Updated the link. Enjoy :)

  • Dakshina

    this is great. keep up the good work guys

  • Tom

    This looks really promising – but I have the same problem as Noobie. Can share but not download…

  • Juan Roca

    Hello, amazing admin theme.

    Please, tell me how I donate you?


    • Devoops

      Hi, you may write us via email.

      DevOOPS team.

  • crawfish

    it run slow and view demo not load page :(

    • Devoops

      All work normal at page
      Link to demo- in bottom.
      Please check your browser settings.

      DevOOPS team

  • Rina

    I’m a newbie and wonder if there is a forum for your admin theme?
    I have many questions also I think there are some tiny bugs, I would like to discuss about.

    • Devoops

      You may ask your questions at our forum on site

      DevOOPS team

  • Symeon T.

    Sir this is an awesome template. I’m planning to user it in one of my future projects .
    Not sure yet if it will be Open Source or not, but be sure you will know in time.
    Once again, congradulations for this fantastic work!

    • Devoops

      Thank you.
      Theme have 2 types of license(GPL and MIT).
      Feel free use this as you need.

      DevOOPS team

  • valerio


    Let me know if you can change the various items of the menu, with its contents, or you have to buy the theme.


    • Devoops

      Theme is free, and you may change any items in menu.
      Please explain what you mean. You may send email with question to [email protected]

      DevOOPS team

  • Kelvin

    Very good

  • Abid Hasan

    This is really a very nice template.
    I want to use this template into off line but icon is not showing.
    How can i do this?

    • bootstrapstage

      I assume that this is a protocol problem. Please open the developer tools in your browser and let me know if there are any 404 errors reported.

    • bootstrapstage

      You will need to download the icon files and change the references to them.

  • Naanu

    Hi it is very nice template.. but i have some doubts
    1. if i want to give hyperlink to my main page it won’t show every time i have to do refresh manually. can any one help me how to resolve this?

  • ankita

    Nice Template..
    I want to use it in my MVC project. Its not working properly. Can anyone suggest me the steps to include it in MVC project.

  • kiran

    hi…ur template is very good and im using it….but the problem is if i click on the side tab it is reflecting on the main window. I have links on the main window also which when i am clicking on them the whole page is changing…i want it to get loaded on the right window only…kindly suggest an idea or held me

  • Benjamin Montano

    how do I change the values for charts? like xcharts. I want the data coming from mysql database. Thank you so much for this great template!

  • Muhammad Jazman

    nice … thanks for this great template

  • Satwick Choudary

    Hi Do you have some guide to install this theme on top of MVC4?

  • iversonlzy

    下不得地,非常不错。I’m Chinese.

  • Adetunji

    I have a challenge submitting a form using the post method in php. please how can I can figure this out

  • hendi firmansyah

    how to set value of charts..??
    i mean if i use mysql database how to inserting mysql database row to charts..??
    because charts in other file and in php just call ID

  • MedusaTravel

    can devoops be updated to bootstrap 4? and how