Admin LTE

Admin LTE is an absolutely stunning free Bootstrap dashboard theme from almsaeedstudio.  It is fully responsive and built on top of Bootstrap 3.

Admin LTE comes shipped with the following  :


  • Dashboard
  • Mailbox
  • Calendar
  • Invoice
  • Lockscreen
  • Login
  • Register
  • 404 Error
  • 500 Error
  • Blank page


  • Boostrap Slider
  • Ion slider
  • Bootstrap WYSIHTML5
  • CKEditor
  • Bootstrap Colorpicker
  • Bootstrap Date range Picker
  • Bootstrap Time Picker
  • Data Tables
  • Flot
  • Morris.js
  • Sparkilne
  • Full Calendar
  • iCheck
  • jQuery input mask
  • jQuery Knob
  • jVector Map
  • Slim Scroll
  • Pace



  • rk

    Download link is not working.

    • manoj

      right click on the button and save the link to download it

  • mruocco

    Thanks for letting me know. It is updated now.

    • Rushi

      still download link is not working

  • Almsaeedstudio

    Hi there. I am the creator of AdminLTE. I wanted to personally thank you for adding the theme on your website and show you my gratitude. So thank you very much.

    Beautiful website by the way! I wish you the best of luck.

    • mruocco

      Hey Almasaeedstudio! Thank you for providing such an awesome product.

      You are a hero for open-sourcing such an exquisite Admin theme. I may use it for an upcoming project. If All goes well, I will be sure to make use of the donation button on your site :)

    • Shujat

      Hi Almasaeedstudio! Thank you very much for the wonderful theme. I am using this theme for my organisation internal project, I would like to know that how to create modal popup’s for a displaying a form in it. what classes are to be used for it.
      thanks you very much by the way for such a great theme. :)

    • Karthik

      I am using adminlte for our website. I am unable to get my website on windows phone properly. Give me suggestion if any.

    • BadHash

      Just wanted to thank you & to say that you did a great work with this AdminLTE theme.

      The source code is very clean, a lot of comments, the examples are great & easy to use.
      Just may be one thing, you could have put all the html code (for the side bar and the header) in an other file and included it with a php function.

      But anyways great job !

    • Бранимир Теодоровић

      Thank you for AdminLTE. I am using calendar, and I want to know how to change first day of the week

  • Dev

    Hello Almsaeedstudio,

    I want to do two things,
    1. Check All thing in data-table . I have put check box and created javascript function to check all using jquery but while clicking on that check box I didn’t get any alert which I set in that check_all function. Please do needful. And what will I do to show all check box is checked or not.

    2. I want to show modal (confirm) with selection of action , in given link modal functionality is not working. So please give me some instructions how to solve it.

  • Txus


    I just downloaded this theme, but i dont know why the class “charts” is not showing in the index.html page provided by this package. Anyone would care to explain what is necessary to show this kind of charts?

    I really like the theme, is beatiful! Is this just one problem that is bugging me.

    Thanks for the theme!

  • joel tanui

    it just amaizing!!!!! i really like it

  • mohammed

    hello every body
    first i would like to thank the admin of this website and as well Almsaeedstudio after that am facing a problem using this template my problem is that al the dropdown menus are not working when i click a link or a dropdown menu only a pound signapears in address bar in the browser please help me and thnx a lot

  • Himesh

    Hi team,

    can i use this theme in joomla 3.x??

    if yes can you guide us some tutorial or references?


  • mohammed

    still am waiting for a reply please somebody help me i am using this free theme for my final year project thesis so please help me you can see my problem in my previous post which was

    “hello every body
    first i would like to thank the admin of this website and as well Almsaeedstudio after that am facing a problem using this template my problem is that al the dropdown menus are not working when i click a link or a dropdown menu only a pound signapears in address bar in the browser please help me and thnx a lot”

  • Ony Seven

    Hi Almsaeedstudio , Tq Very Much..
    Your dashboard is powerfull and usefull for me as a newbie…

    Tq Very Much.. Is there a forum discussion about Admin LTE ?

  • Bob

    Nice work, thanks!

  • Everton


    Just one observation, works in IE?


  • Akash

    Thanks for the nice and clean theme…. This is just what I needed :)

    • mruocco

      Our pleasure. Be sure to send us any examples of products built with this theme to be added to the showcase :).

  • Ambsrish

    Sir; i am using this theme but in the form i am unable to user date picker. will you please help me……..
    Thanks in advance.

  • Vincent

    Hi there. I just want to ask how to integrate AdminLTE with Codeigniter.

    • Kalim

      Hi, I want to do the same, use with codeignitor. Let me know if you have any success and you found any issue.


    • mruocco

      I would begin by copying the CSS and desired JS files into your project, then you can use the same markup to implement into the styles.

  • Fatih Kaya

    Great theme. Thanks :)

    • mruocco

      Our pleasure, be sure to send us any examples of things you build with bootstrap to be added into showcase :)

  • Matt

    How would I use Admin LTE in a Web Api Project… Do you have samples of Admin LTE geared toward Visual Studio I could see.

    Also, different question. Is there a LESS-less version… In other words MORE and not LESS ;)

    • mruocco

      There are static CSS files included in the project as well, if you prefer not to use LESS.

  • chris lee

    Great theme. Thanks :)

  • Zain

    How do I go about adding theme to mvc 5 new project

    • mruocco

      I would start by copying the styles, and JS you want to use, into your project. Then you can use the same markup on your template files.

  • Mati

    Download link is not working.

  • Dykes

    Can someone can help me to set the left navi (accordion) to be auto collpase? Please… Thanks for the help in advance…

  • Merce

    It’s a great theme.
    This is the tool I needed.

  • Kristin

    The charts don’t show up in IE8 for some reason. Has anyone seen or fixed this?

  • Raha

    Hi there
    thanks for this design
    Please help me about how to install it on cpanel
    or how to use it in mvc 5 web app
    Great thanks
    Best regards:

  • Roni

    I’ve been using. But the click event for the checkbox does not work. I do not know how is the solution. please help. thank you.

    • Marv Rockwall

      Me too, any idea?

    • deepakprasad

      I also have a same problem in admin Lte2 , any idea?

  • Ashutosh

    Bootstrap Modal is not working in this theme for me
    The modal window is behind the overlay

  • Habi

    I have been using Admin-LTE template. I have added some themes(skins) in demo.js page. Here i am able to change the theme or skin color whatever for that particular page but i want to apply the same themes to all pages. I am unable to find the solution for this. Can anyone help me on this please.

    And the code i have added in demo.js page is:
    function change_skin(cls) {
    $(“body”).removeClass(“skin-blue skin-black skin-green”);
    I have given id’s to each radio button with the name of the argument which is passing to change_skin() and also added css for skin-green class in AdminLTE.css.

    Please help on this.


  • Nada Yahia Dawoud

    Is there any documentation for this theme? I need to know what style sheets to require and in which order?

    I required the style sheets included in index.html with the same order, it didn’t produce errors but the theme didn’t change. I’m guessing it’s because there are more style sheets to be included but I don’t know which ones.

  • Elias Fonseca

    Hello Im a beginner in the mvc world…Is there a walktrough to implement this AWESOME theme to a mvc new project VS2013? Thanks in advance

  • Brijesh

    Hello dear,
    i download Admin LTE, but when we run index file it shows design mismatch.

  • http://UnderDevelopment Carlos

    Hi, I have several question on how to work with ADMIN LTE and ASP forms
    1) Using ADMIN LTE default in ASP master page, the menu does not show the active menu. How can I do that, I see the class=Active, but it have to written in the master page and does not work in a dinamic form.
    2) How can I use the alert button on the diferentes forms, I want to show when the information or problem appear.

    Please let me nknow if there is a forum or how can I get help.


  • Andy Menon

    This is a beautiful template. But I may be missing something because I’m unable to make this work with angularjs.

    When I include the entire dashboard page inside an ng-view directive, angularjs loads the dashboard but a lot of the functionality stops working and the plugins don’t show in the dashboard.

    What am I missing? I have triple checked all the file paths, directory structures and also included all the CSS and the js files in the single page application.


    • bootstrapstage

      Hey Andy.

      This is due to the nature of the theme. While it could be modified to be an angular application, this template is currently just static HTML pages. We will consider modifying this theme in the future, and will be sure to post back to here if we do.

      In the meantime, if you are interested in custom angular development, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

      • Andy Menon

        Thanks. In the meantime, let me try to use this template as is on a different project that does not use Angular.

  • jinendra pals

    can we use this template for mvc

    • bootstrapstage

      Sure, it could be implemented for MVC, but this is only the front-end peices.


    anyone tell me how to validate dropdown list in ADMIN LTE

  • Pokz Nugie Andrana

    good evening. i want to ask how to change color of skin if that is available. i try to change at skin.less but no chance.

    • bootstrapstage

      The new version has skin options available

  • Varun

    Hello Ullah,
    I tried to use modal form for edits
    but somehow the first record keeps appearing again and again
    any suggestions what could be possibly wrong

  • Mohsin Alam

    Hello everyone,
    I am using this AdminLTE. Its feature is not working after customizing. e.g.

    Normally when we click sub-items like morris, inline or float in Charts section. All the sub-items remain visible. (panel don’t close). But when I customize some pages, after clicking the any sub-item, panel closed down. which should not.
    Please guide which script or css is responsible for this? How I can fix it. Thanks in advance.

  • Mrinal Kumar

    Hello Dear, I need your help. In my User list page I want a link that will open a external register page in popup and after submit the page pass the “Register successfully” msg to my user list page.

    Please help me urgent.

  • Alex

    I just downloaded the app while i was online the them was working,but i disconnected modem and now it is not working and all the multilevel links.Any help please

  • Yuvaraj Jeganathan

    I need top menu

  • Ravindra

    How can i install admin lte theme in yii2
    i followed steps but look and feel does not changes.

  • KaungKaung

    Hello how can i change slider background

  • dgj

    Page scaling when not good location, click the scrollbar will run to the bottom. All adjustable button is such a problem. Recommended click the scale button fixed in the current page display area. Don’t scroll to the bottom. thank you

  • charbel chacty

    Hello , i’m new to yii framework

    i install this template but the title is set as chinese text(check the attach picture)

    i used this script :

    $this->title = ‘About';

    $this->params[‘breadcrumbs’][] = $this->title;

    the label before “/” is chinese i think.

    how can i change it and from where????


  • Roger Smith

    The download does not match the live demo. It is an older version.
    Can you please update.
    Fantastic look and feel to the latest edition!

  • Siva

    how to add page preloader in admin lte

  • Aditya

    hi i want mailbox code

  • Doron Williams

    Im using adminlte with yii2. I cant get fullcalendar to render in the backend. Any suggestions? I have everything set up in the controller, it works in the basic app but not advanced template using adminlte

  • PetrusG

    can anybody help me with such calendartype?
    thanks for any help

  • Jössëph Gèmêçhü

    how can i validate the registeration form